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Transcription: Hey everyone. I don’t know about you, but I know that I have downloaded at least twenty mobile applications onto my iPhone that I thought would make me money, but didn’t.
Often times they’ll lure you in by offering you a bunch of quick rewards for completing tasks such as downloading an app.
After a while, however, you’ll either run out of offers or they’ll require that you earn 50 bucks worth of points before you can redeem.
And guess what, they’ve designed their app so that almost no one who downloads it will ever reach that 50 dollar minimum.
Today, however, I am revealing to you a money making app that isn’t like those other scam apps. It’s gonna allow you to make some actual money on a consistent basis.
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Now let’s get into it. The application is called Daily Cash, and I have a link to it in the description below. I also have provided a signup bonus code if you want to get some extra points for signing up, but there is no obligation on your part.
The application is set up with four main pages. The two pages that you’ll want to focus on, however, are the gifts page and the Earn credits page.
The earn credits page is where you earn points for your account, and the gifts page is where you turn those credits into money.
The unique thing about this app, and one of the qualities that makes it stand out the most, is the abundance of things you can do to make money.
Yes, there are half a million apps you can download for Daily Cash points, but you can also sign up for emails and newsletters, watch videos, do a daily check-in, and even play a lottery type game called “Lucky Tap.”
The good news for you? You can literally play the lucky tap game as much as you want, and you’ll gain a lot of points. You can also watch videos over and over again for points.
All in all, there is a lot more to offer on the Daily Cash app than on other apps. If you’re looking to make a few extra bucks everyday, and maybe even more, I would definitely recommend it.
Personally, over the past week of casual use, and this is with zero referrals, I have made about 18 dollars off of this app.
Again, I have a signup bonus code in the description that you can simply copy and paste when you get the app. But of course you do not have to use it if that kind of thing offends you.
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