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Hey whats going on YouTube Jay Brown here…

So how can you make money on Facebook with Facebook ads you may be asking…. well I make money with Facebook everyday, so i’m going to show you how do it First thing you want to do is create a face book account. i know some you you are probably like, man, it’s 2017 everybody got a facebook account… i know it may sound crazy but, i come across a lot of people

that still don’t have a Facebook account. So if you’re watching this video and still don’t have an you don’t have one, definitely had over to and get you one.

Now this how I making money with Facebook. people believe me when i tell you, there are 100s or maybe even thousands of ways that you can do this… but I’m only going to share with you the way I do it, because there are far to many people out there teaching things that they don’t even do, and Im not going to be a part that.

So… you got your account the second thing you need to do is find a product, it can be a physical product electronics, camping gear, clothing etc… or you can sale digital products witch i love to do and digital products are things like.. eBooks, music, video courses and software these a examples, but you definitely need a product in place if you want to make money.

Now how do you find these digital products you may be asking.. well you can go to places like click banks, jvzoo, amazon, these are just a few… but there are tons of sites out there you can sales from doing facebook marketing

And the 3rd and last thing you want to do, is get to marketing, market market market, show the product to people, you don’t have to chase people down but you must get eyeballs on what you’re selling if you want to make money on Facebook. Post the product on your wall once or twice a day. try not to let every post be about the product, throw some inspirational stuff in there people love positivity, don’t post about politics, or religion, if it’s not about motivating, and uplifting people then your not going to make a sale.. this want only impact the other person, but will have a positive impact on your life as well. You can see great results once you learn the FB algorithm

So other than posting on your wall, you can post in facebook groups these are great tips and secrets.. now this is a newbie method but don’t under-estimate it is very powerful, Ive made thousands from and you can do the same.

So those are some simple ways you can make money on facebook. there are plenty other ways.

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