This is a video for the people that are interested in getting skins but dont want to spend that much money on it. this is an easy way but it will take you a long time and you need to have patient. one solution is that you buy 1.000 cases and store it on a smurf account. DONT buy the newest cases because they will take even longer to go up.

I made a small note so when you are watching this you can look at the market and see if there are less or more of them on the market

Cases now: 21st of november 2015 (17:27 – 5:27 PM)
1.220.000 – Phoenix case [EDIT: Phoenix was removed as a drop] (so its going up in price)
1.979.000 – breakout case
368.507 – Falchion case
1.023.000 – Chroma
526.000 – Chroma 2
149.000 – Vanguard case

+ Music: Underwaterbeats – Dust

+ Outro
+ Alex Skrindo – Jumbo [NCS Release]

Thanks for watching, and have a nice day 🙂