The most trusted survey sites list :

Paid surveys, in other words paid advice, allow you to make money doing surveys by giving your opinion on a service, a product or by answering a few questions about your habits.
A survey can last 10 seconds to 45 minutes, of course your speed can play on this time. In the area of paid surfing, responding to surveys is one of the highest paid actions. The remuneration can vary also personally I have seen BEST PAID SURVEY SITES from 0.04 $ to 24 dollars (equivalent more or less to 17 dollars I would say).
On certain paid survey sites you will also be offered other remunerative activities such as: paid registrations, paid emails, cashback, games, sponsored offers …
The BEST PAID SURVEY SITES to make money doing surveys :
So the choice is difficult. Some paid survey sites offer very brief but well-paid surveys for the short time they require, and sometimes longer but heavily paid surveys. Not to mention all the sides that it can have … The choice is therefore very difficult but here, according to my personal opinion, the best sites of paid surveys of the moment.
— pointclub (US Only) : SIGNUP BONUS $5.00 —
Site of paid surveys since 2004.
payment through paypal and many more
Valued Opinions rewards its members with a system of points that the can accumulate and exchange for many gift vouchers
More than 3 million members.
— Globaltestmarket (US Only) : you can earn up to 200$ a day if you have more time —
Free registration.
This site of paid surveys also offers cashback offers to save money.
Globaltestmarket relatively numerous and threshold payment is starting at $ 30.
— Your-Surveys: (All Countries/Regions) —
The paid surveys are very regular, provided that one fills his profile correctly.
Payment by Paypal from 2.5 dollars only, ideal to test this method of gains.
This is one of the most well-known paid survey sites.
Advantages and disadvantages of paid survey sites :
– The area of paid surfing that brings in the most money, it is very easy to earn a few tens of dollars a month, and maybe even hundreds for the most motivated.
– A very fast payment threshold
X Some polls are refused when you put an answer that does not suit them, it’s time lost, even though your profile is perfectly completed (usually it happens from the first questions)
X There may be a lack of surveys for certain user profiles
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I m so happy to show you the best survey sites to start making money online.